Facts About Gender Selection IVF

Facts About Gender Selection IVF

Gender selection IVF is a scientific process that allows prospective parents to choose the gender of the fetus. This advanced reproductive technology has attracted worldwide attention and offers families the opportunity to balance their family dynamics or avoid sex-linked genetic diseases.


What is Gender Selection Exactly

Sex selection, also known as sex selection, are medical techniques used in IVF (in vitro fertilization) to select the gender of a baby before pregnancy. This is usually achieved through preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), a method in which embryos are examined for genetic disorders and their gender is also determined.. For more information, visit Cyprus IVF Center’s PGD page.


Can You Pick Gender with IVF?


Is gender selection legal in the UK?

 In the UK, gender selection is only permitted for medical reasons, such as preventing genetic diseases affecting a particular gender. Non-medical or social” gender selection is not permitted.


Is gender selection legal in Cyprus?


 Cyprus allows gender selection for both medical and social reasons, making it a popular destination for couples seeking gender selection IVF services.


Reason Why More People Choose Gender Selection IVF

Many couples choose sex-selection IVF for a variety of reasons, including family balance, cultural preferences, or prevention of sex-related inherited diseases. The ability to choose a gender before conception gives many expectant parents security and satisfaction.



How Does Gender Selection Work?

Gender selection during IVF involves several steps, starting with the standard IVF process of egg retrieval and fertilization. After fertilization, PGD is used to analyze the embryos to both determine sex and detect possible genetic abnormalities. Only embryos of the desired gender and without genetic problems are then implanted into the uterus.


Cost of IVF Gender Selection in Cyprus

The cost of IVF gender selection in Cyprus can vary depending on the clinic, the number of IVF cycles, and the extent of genetic testing required. Despite this variability, Cyprus is known for offering competitive rates compared to other countries, making it an attractive option for many.


Decide with Cyprus IVF Center

The beginning of the IVF journey with gender selection  represents a profound milestone in life for many families. It is a journey filled with hope, anticipation and the promise of fulfilling a deeply personal wish. The Cyprus IVF Center is at the forefront of this journey, providing a haven for advanced fertility treatments tailored to  the individual needs of each family.


 Comprehensive consultation process


 The process begins with a comprehensive consultation where expectant parents are welcomed into an environment of care and understanding. This initial consultation serves as the cornerstone of your journey and provides a detailed exploration of the gender selection process.The specialists at  IVF Center Cyprus take the time to understand your motivations, expectations and any concerns you may have. This session is designed to provide you with a clear and informed path forward for your decision, highlighting the ethical, medical and legal considerations involved in gender selection in IVF.


 State-of-the-art IVF treatment


 Upon consultation, the  IVF Center in Cyprus offers state-of-the-art IVF treatment using the latest reproductive technologies. The Center prides itself on applying the latest advances in fertility medicine, ensuring  your journey to parenthood is supported by the highest standards of care. The IVF process is carefully tailored to each individual, using personalized protocols that optimize your chances of success.PGD ​​for accurate sex selection


 A crucial part of the sex selection process in the IVF center of Cyprus  is the use of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). This advanced genetic screening allows  the precise selection of embryos by gender, ensuring the realization of your family planning goals. Beyond gender selection, PGD also detects genetic abnormalities, providing future parents with additional security. IVF Center Cyprus’ commitment to PGD reflects its commitment to not only fulfilling your wishes but also prioritizing the health and well-being of your future child.


 Continuous Support and Care


 At every stage of the process, from the initial consultation to the final steps of the IVF process, the  IVF Center of Cyprus ensures that intended parents receive continuous support and care.The Center’s team of fertility experts, nurses and consultants strives to create a nurturing environment where questions are answered, concerns addressed and your well-being is put first. This unwavering support underscores the Center’s commitment to making your experience as enjoyable and successful as possible.


 Choosing  IVF Center Cyprus


 Choosing IVF with gender selection  at  IVF Center Cyprus means entrusting your dreams of parenthood to a team of professionals who understand the implications of your decision. With its comprehensive services, advanced technologies and compassionate care, the center is not just a  fertility treatment center, but a partner in your journey to creating the family you envision.



FAQs About Gender Selection IVF


What are the success rates of IVF with gender selection?


 The success rates of IVF with sex selection  are remarkably high, especially when the procedure is combined with preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). This combination is crucial because PGD allows embryos to be screened not only for the  desired sex, but also for any genetic abnormalities. This careful selection process ensures that only healthy embryos of the chosen gender are implanted, significantly increasing the likelihood of both a successful pregnancy and the birth of a child of the  desired gender. Exact success rates can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the age of the woman undergoing IVF, the specific techniques used by the clinic, and the overall quality of the embryos.However, specialist gender selection IVF clinics, particularly  in Cyprus, have gained a reputation for achieving high success rates, making them sought-after destinations for couples considering this option.


Is there a risk in gender selection?


 Like any medical procedure, gender selection through IVF and PGD carries certain risks. These include  standard risks associated with in vitro fertilization, such as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, and  risks associated with egg retrieval procedures. In addition, PGD includes handling and examination of embryos, which means the risk of damage to the embryos is very low.However, these risks are considered to be low, especially in reputable clinics that specialize in these procedures. The staff at these clinics are highly trained and experienced and use the latest technologies and protocols to minimize  potential risks. It is important for couples to discuss these risks thoroughly with their doctor to make an informed decision about how to proceed with gender-specific IVF.


What is the age limit for IVF treatment?


 The recommended age limit for IVF treatment can vary significantly from  clinic to clinic and is influenced by several factors, including clinic policies,  success rates in different age groups and  potential associated risks.In general, IVF treatment is recommended for women under 50 years of age. This recommendation is based on the fact that fertility naturally declines with age and women over 50 are at increased risk during pregnancy and childbirth. However, technological advances and improved IVF techniques have, in some cases, made it possible for women over this age to successfully undergo IVF. When deciding suitability for IVF treatment, clinics may consider individual circumstances such as a woman’s general health, her fertility history and the quality  of her

 eggs. Couples interested in gender-selected IVF should consult  fertility specialists to understand how age and other factors may affect their treatment options and success rates.