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The premier centre for IVF in Cyprus, operated and managed by Team Miracle, a group of professionals and specialists in the IVF industry. Team Miracle at Cyprus IVF Centre will answer any enquiries you may have regarding your IVF treatment abroad through our friendly coordinators. We customise protocols for each individual patient to maximise the chance of success and we will guide you through each stage of your fertility journey.

‘our services’

Our embryology laboratories use the most advanced IVF technologies, which allows us to offer at least 90% pregnancy rates. From Egg donation and ICSI to PGT and Embryo Donation treatments, our patients are provided with the optimal treatment per the particularities of their case so they can soon have their babies in their arms.

Egg Donation

Women now have the chance to freeze and store the remaining healthy embryos after an IVF treatment…

Sperm Donation

Sperm donation is a procedure where sperm cells are chosen from a sperm bank, based on the particular…

Embryo Donation

The embryo donation method we use at Team Miracle IVD Centre delivers a nearly 90% success pregnancy rate…

Egg Freezingn

Egg freezing is a wondrous technique for proactive women as it enables them to freeze their eggs and use them when they feel ready…


Patients with severe cases of male-factor infertility will find treatment in this specialized form of IVF…

Embryo Freezing

Egg freezing is a wondrous technique for proactive women as it enables them to freeze their eggs and use them when they feel ready…

PGD Genetic Diagnostic Method

With PGD, couples now have the chance to select the gender of their baby with 99% certainty…


The Team Miracle IVF Centre uses this special technique to select the most powerful sperms. During the procedure…

Immune Therapy

Women undergoing IVF treatments may experience failure several times or even miscarriages if their immune system…

‘our singularity’

Every woman or man who walks through the doors of a fertility clinic has their own unique story and set of circumstances. Therefore it is crucial to approach their treatment with a personalized plan that takes into account their individual needs and characteristics. This approach known as precision medicine, ensures that patients receive the most effective and efficient treatment possible.

High Success Rates

We have helped over 12,000 couples feel the joys of parenthood in the past couple of years alone. Our pregnancy rate (up to 95%) is the highest not only in Cyprus but also worldwide.

Ultra-Sophisticated Technology & Equipment

Our laboratory is equipped with the latest developments in the field of IVF.

A highly-experienced Infertility Team

Team Miracle is a team of six specialists, all leading medical professionals in their field with global recognition.

Cyprus IVF Doctor

our specialists

Team Miracle has given its name to this stellar IVF centre in Cyprus, a clinic where people truly loving their work meet and work together in perfect unison and harmony. Driven by their passion and with their hearts set on helping couples achieve their dream of becoming the loving parents they dream to be, Team Miracle places all of their medical expertise and in-depth knowledge around IVF and fertility treatments at the disposal of those in need.

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Cyptoplasmic Transfer Packages

Tandem Cycle Packages

Egg Donation Packages

Embryo Donation Packages

100% Live Birth Money Back Guarantee Packages

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    ‘supportive extensions’

    Embryo Glue

    Despite the name, EmbryoGlue is not actually a glue, but a substance that the embryo is placed into before transfer to the uterus during the IVF process...


    Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection, known as IMSI, is the method we use to select the most morphologically normal sperm from a sample to use for fertilisation...

    PGD Genetic Diagnostic Method

    Team Miracle at Cyprus IVF Centre is among the industry leaders in PGD in Cyprus, and our fertility doctor delivers one of the most successful gender selection services...

    Egg and Embryo Freezingy

    Cryopreservation, commonly known as freezing, preserves eggs and embryos to be used at a later stage in IVF treatments...

    Embryo Donation

    When both partners in a coupling are experiencing fertility issues preventing them from using their own eggs and sperm for creating viable embryos...

    Sperm Donation

    There are many reasons why prospective parents might seek a sperm donor. A major reason for couples is when the male partner has a low sperm count...

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