Ivf Embryo Donation Double Package - All Inclusive

11,250 EUR

⦁ Doctor consultation
⦁ Initial consultation (not mandatory) * includes ultrasound scan and all blood tests
⦁ Doctor’s letter if needed (internal medicine, psychiatry and cardiology report)
⦁ Up to 2 x Attempts of 1-2 top graded donor embryo in blastocyst stage until a pregnancy is achieved
(up to 4 blastocysts may be transferred in specific cases if requested by the patient)
⦁ Minimum of 10 Donor Eggs and 5 Blastocyst Embryos is guaranteed
⦁ Freezing of embryos in 2 vials for 2 years
⦁ Egg Donor fees and egg collection procedure
⦁ Sperm Donor, we use Cryos® International Certificated Sperm
⦁ Scans, Spermiogram, ICSI (Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection), Blastocyst Culture, Embryoglue, highest quality medium, Bench-Top incubators, dedicated coordinator, nurse´s and the Anaesthetist fees is included;
⦁ Prescription and Individual Medication Treatment Protocol

2 equal instalments (4,625 euro after signing a contract and 4,625 euro on egg collection day)


⦁ 8 days of accommodation within our associated Hotels or Apartments
⦁ All meals for you and the partner in program (if any).
⦁ All car transfers between airport, accommodation and the clinic.
⦁ If you are coming for an initial consultation (not mandatory) one night accommodation with meals

⦁ Your Medications** needed before embryo transfer
⦁ Medications needed post embryo transfer, until 12 weeks pregnancy
⦁ All medications, including emergency medication kit. The medication dosage varies depending on each individual requirement

* Free initial consultation does not include taxi transfers
** All-inclusive medication needed before the embryo transfer must be picked up in Cyprus or collected from your doctor at home (cannot be shipped from us)


⦁ May you need medications due to your current health conditions (i.e.: Levothyroxine, Clexane, Metformin) these medications can be provided as an extra upon your request
⦁ Treatment applications must be approved by the doctor due individual health conditions etc
⦁ Remaining frozen embryos (if any) will be used prior fresh embryo transfer
⦁ PGD/PGS – 3000 EUR – 5 chromosomes test for genetic disorders and sex selection
⦁ NGS – 3000 EUR and 600 EUR per embryo tested – 24 chromosomes
⦁ Freezing up to 2 vials, additional Vials – 500 EUR, per vial
⦁ If you need selective embryo reduction this can be performed at the hospital as an extra upon your request. Requests must be done the day after your first pregnancy confirmation heartbeat scan in week 6